The WyndRyder name was born here in windsurfing. In 1985 I began windsurfing in Stamford, CT. The sport was in its infancy and while I did get formal lessons resulting in an official card called a Certified Windsurfer, I wasn't even close. In these days, one learned by going out and watching friends.

As one could expect, learning was tough. I was rescued several times after going out so far I couldn't get back. But even worse, I could not read the geography of my surroundings very well nor did I have good instincts, thus I kept going over places where rocks awaited to damage my fin. I had a propensity for handing out nicknames to my friends (Gusty Joe, Hurricane Jones, Charlie The Pelter) based on their deeds on or off the water (I think because of my favorite windsurfing icon at the time, Maui Meyer). They returned the favor and made me Rocky Rob.

A few years later I started jamming (bass) with a good friend, Mike who was a good guitarist. He introduced me to some guys who wanted to start a garage band (see The Catalytics in music) and not long after that I started writing a few original tunes that we produced in his home studio (known as The Playroom Studio). We needed a name and I came up with Rocky Rob And The WyndRyders.


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