This is where WyndRyder will be spending more and more time in the near future. There are all kinds of tutorials out on the web and in printed copy. The ones that really succeed are the ones where users can watch and then try for themselves. The effort of just "showing" has a benefit that is undeniable.

I have previously used and VTC which I think represent the best of breed. Pinnacle Systems, being a company whose flagship products are video, also does a lot this category.

More and more tools are becoming available to enhance both the delivery and reception of video tutorials. There are now quite a variety of screen capture tools from the very high end with Camtasia Studio that enables more than just screen recording to a very low end that just record screen movement. I highly endorse both Camtasia Studio and Screen Virtuoso Pro.

The decision to invest in Camtasia Studio or Screen Virtuoso is dependent on what you want to accomplish. I recently purchased Camtasia Studio (which companies such as use) for its great options and ease of use. Screen Virtuoso is more limited but for its low price it is the best on the market. Typically I edit in Liquid Edition (with Title Deko Pro, Hollywood FX and SpiceMASTER add-ons), and, use PhotoshopPainter or Corel DRAW for graphics, and, Ulead Cool3D for some titling and other things such as animated backgrounds. The I stitch it all together and produce in Camtasia Studio which has great and very flexible output options.

It's all a big learning curve even now after years of experience. I have some great ideas that I plan to implement and for which I have not yet seen at large. While ambitious, in the near future I plan on completing all the Jammer Pro 6 written tutorials (which is a very big undertaking) as well as doing a series on Open Cube's NavStudio menu generator (and for which is used to build all menus on this web site).

Stay tuned..........

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