WyndRyder has made some tools to help be more productive with various software and will continue to provide tools in the future. Currently all tools are free.

SWiSH Effects Previewer:
The SWish Effects Previewer was written for SWiSHmax but probably also works for SWiSH2 (although there are less effects provided by SWiSH2). This tool was written in SWiSHmax and produced in SWiSHstudio. It was intentionally designed as a small window to fit in the SWiSHmax workspace with the "keep on top" window option set.

The download is simply a zip file and there is no installation or registry updates. Simply unzip and begin using. Please take a moment to go through the help (denoted as "?").

Liquid Edition Classic Transitions:
Based on Liquid Edition 5.X, this is a display of the "classic transitions". I hope to get to all of the available transitions, but it is time consuming as there are so many.

Jammer Pro:
For Jammer Pro 5 or 6, here are files that will change the color of the workspace letters and letter backgrounds.


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