SWiSH Effects Previewer

The SWish Effects Previewer was written as an aid to see the preview effects of SWiSHmax but probably also works as an aid to see SWiSH2 effects (although there are less effects provided by SWiSH2). This tool was written in SWiSHmax and produced in SWiSHstudio. It was intentionally designed as a small window to fit in the SWiSHmax workspace with the "keep on top" window option set.

The downloads are simply a zip file and there is no installation or registry updates. The With Music version contains 3 songs from the wonderful music of Animusic (songs are Future Retro, Acoustic Curves and Harmonic Voltage). Simply unzip either one (or both) and begin using the previewer.

Download Version 1 - With Music (10MB)

Download Version 1 - Without Music (2.2MB)

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