Kind of the kitchen sink for anything that is sensory. Some may dispute that definition, but as soon as you as combine two or more sensory elements or components it pretty much defines multimedia. Perhaps this should be more appropriately called the Multimedia Components section but there wasn't enough room for all those letters.

All music on this web site is original. The newer songs were conceived or improved with Soundtrek's Jammer Pro and PG Music's Band-In-A-Box. WyndRyder has a very strong partnership with Soundtrek and has produced many video tutorials about Jammer Pro. The songs were then enhanced and produced in Sonar with some great tools such as Music Lab's Rhythym'N'Chords, NTONYX Style Enhancer and Steinberg's Groove Agent.

Repair Photos:
WyndRyder has many years of experience fixing photos. While Adobe PhotoShop has been the main tool, great plugins such as Alien Skin's Image Doctor makes the difference between fixing photos well and fixing photos like a pro.

Art and Graphics:
While Adobe Photoshop are providing more art tools such as brushes, no product compares to Corel's Painter which is how all the art on this web site was produced. Painter is also used pretty extensively for WyndRyder's graphic arts.

3D, Flash, Video and DVD:
While nothing is specifically showcased on this web site concerning any of these multimedia components, WyndRyder uses these technologies whenever appropriate be it titles in tutorials, banners for web sites or DVD production. For tutorials, Ulead's Cool 3D is used for titling. For the web site, SWiSHzone's SWiSHmax is used for creating flash banners. SWiSHmax and SWiSHstudio were also exclusively used to create the SWiSH Effects Previewer. For video editing, Pinnacle's (now Avid) Liquid Edition, Title Deko Pro and Hollywood Effects are used in tandem with Sonic's DVDit! for DVD production.

WyndRyder Logo:
Finally, the new WyndRyder logo was created in Corel DRAW, enhanced in Painter and produced in Adobe Photoshop. The logo banner was then created and produced in SWiSHmax. Previous (older) WyndRyder logo's (see Graphics) were exclusively created and produced in Painter.


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