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Here you will find a diverse mix of tutorials, tools, and eye, brain and ear candy. Unrelated, there is also a windsurfing section. For now everything on the site is truly free for your use and enjoyment, but WyndRyder asks that you respect the intellectual property and copyright notices and do not distribute or use anything without the expression permission of WyndRyder.

Tutorials Section: At present, tutorials are available for Jammer Pro 5 and Jammer Pro 6 by Soundtrek. There are more tutorials on all kinds of things to come in the future including Open Cube's Visual Infinite Menus (which are used on this site) and Proxima's Font Expert.

Tools Section: Some tools, all originally created, are available to enhance your experiences with SWiSHmax by SWiSHzone, Liquid Edition (now Avid Edition in a later release) by Pinnacle (now a subsidiary of Avid).

Multimedia Section: Here you will find Music, Art and Graphics which are all WyndRyder originals. Also, some examples of repairing old photos which is both an art and a science (along with years of practice and experience to make them look credible).

Windsurfing Section: WyndRyder's history all started with windsurfing. It's unavoidable to put a part of this passion here on the web site.

WyndRyder always welcomes feedback about anything and everything. Don't hesitate to drop me a line at wyndryder@wyndryder.com.

Finally, this site has been tested with IE V6 (works best) and Firefox V1.5.


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